Tuesday, October 22, 2013

American Made Recap!

 What a week last week!  Ben and I are both finally back in the studio and still on a high from the fantastic turnout at Martha Stewart's American Made Awards event.  We met tons of great people, old friends and new.  Saw lots of great things, and sold tons and tons of wishful little characters to very happy people.  It was bliss!

We crammed tons of stuff onto our tiny table space.  

 And thank goodness for Ben!  He allowed me to sit a lot of the time (the hours were long) and was so good with all the customers and people who stopped by.  Doesn't he look super crafty?  :)

 I made a new display tree the week before we left as I knew we wouldn't have much horizontal space to work with.  It's super sturdy, unlike all my other display trees and can hold a ton.  We had to stand on a chair to reach the pieces at the top though.  lol

I always tend to cram everything together during shows and luckily people are still able to spot and pick out their favorites!

 Thanks to Ben helping in the studio in the weeks prior, I was able to really make a whole bunch of goodies for the show!!

 I made another collection of great Halloween pieces for the show and we have a few left.  We'll be posting those to Etsy tomorrow. 

 The first night they had a private cocktail party filled with glamorous people like Christie Brinkley and Ben's favorite, Carla from the Chew and of course, Martha herself. 

 My favorite?  The awesome food!!  I stuffed myself on little tomatoes filled with butternut squash soup (they're sitting on mushroom pedestals!) and tiny veggies.  Even the mixed nuts were to die for and I was so grateful that the guy with the cheese cart stopped right in front of our booth...the Camembert and dark raspberry jam was pure heaven!!  Even the mixed nuts were incredible (although strangely had meat in them, which I picked out).

 To cap it off?  Tiny caramel apples and pears with chocolate inside!  Wowsers!!  Hard to eat but so so delicious.  I might just make these at home for myself. 

 They had 40 vendors there this year (compared to last year's 15), which is why we had so little space.  But wow were there some amazing ones!!  Like this button and acorn shaped candy from Andie's Edible Sweets.  Check out their Etsy shop...they have this amazing mechanical gear candy too...crazy!!

 The award honorees had amazing displays...like Spoonflower, a company that lets you design your own fabric.  The fabric designs they featured were to die for!

 Grow a box of mushrooms!!  I can't remember who this honoree was, but how cool is that?!

 Really neat things on fabric from Lucky Fish.

 And Nancy from Parcel was there too!!  It was so great finally meeting her!  Check out her New Jersey shop...she's making beautiful paper pom pom creations and carrying some of my goodies too!

 Green Vase Flowers were simply amazing...all crafted from tissue paper and absolutely stunning!! 

What a great and fabulous week!!  Thanks Martha for inviting us back!  :)


miss lynn said...

I think you are
a.maz.ing! Love
this little
world you create!
So glad you enjoyed
Martha's party!!!!
Such an honor!

Grace said...

It was awesome to see you again this year and to meet Ben! I blogged on how fun it was and what great vendors I got to meet. I did not see some of thevendors you mentioned. Hopefully 1 day this will be bigger so that we can support our American Made products. Thank you for such cuties I don't think I can part with anything I bought from you lol I still crack up laughing when I looked at the baby behind you and asked "Is that your little girl"? And you rubbed your belly all prcious and said yes! ahaha I was like wow how big how did I miss you giving birth? lol It was fun maybe next year baby can be there to??

laurie -magpie ethel said...

MUST SEE IN PERSON SOMEDAY! Love, love your booth crammed to the brim with your creations!
And holy cow, you made a new display tree...your talents know no end!

Walter Silva said...

Looks like it was an exciting time with lots to see:) Thanks for sharing this experience! Love your works.

Sandy C said...

I lost respect for Martha Stewart after she slammed all bloggers! You can hear it from the horses mouth here: