Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Circus is Coming to Town!

The circus is here! Or at least my little version of the circus. This is my brand new Woodland Circus Creature set. Lately I've been trying to come up with figures that could be displayed everyday, not just for the holidays...and these little guys make the perfect quirky and whimsical year round companions!

I've been working on them on and off for that past oh...maybe two months. I knew what I wanted to make...even did detailed drawings of them beforehand. I wanted them to be perfect so I really took the time to figure out exactly how I was going to execute them. I did the squirrel first and that's kind of what got me started with the whole circus idea. I did three squirrels...one brown, one pink (a girl squirrel) and one wound up turning into a striped skunk (they'll be posted for sale on Etsy soon). Then I thought...I'll have this little brown squirrel hold some acorns. Oh wait, I'll also have him balance a bunch in his hand. When that didn't work (the weight of the nuts on one side made him tip over) I decided to try balancing the nuts on his head. Voila! Circus squirrel! Of course only one circus act is really just a street performance, I decided to come up with some other acts. And here they are!

Chippy the nut balancing squirrel. Buttons the clown wolf. Sparky the sword swallowing reindeer. Mr. Brown the chipmunk juggling bear. And of course, Sasha and Tasha, the acrobat vixens. I just posted all of them for sale on Etsy. They're so much fun and I think they're my favorite figures to date!


Eggman Studios said...

Your work makes me so giddy every time I see it! I love everything. And these are *amazing*!! It's a toss-up for me between the foxes and that reindeer.

(I'm snagging one of those batgirls for my collection. Been eyeing them for a while now and she'll feel right at home with that wonderfully snaggly octopus ornament I bought from you last year!)

sMacThoughts said...

I need a whole shelf of your little wonders!