Monday, September 15, 2008

Lookie what I got in the mail!!

Few things are more exciting than seeing a package with your name on it sitting on your door step. (And few things more disappointing than seeing a dilectible box and getting excited only to see your land lady's name on it...) Well...this is what I came home to on Friday and it had MY name on it!

Janie Mattern and I did a little swaparoo. She sent me one of her fabulous, spooky, but still pretty witch-bat girls. Everything was even better than I expected it to be! Very carefully and beautifully packaged, she included this FANTASIC and super cute dancing vintage cat tag. He is jointed so when you move his arms and legs in opposite directions, he looks like he's doing a jig! What an awesome awesome extra!! Ben liked him even better than the witch! But the goodness! I didn't realize how detailed she was just by looking at the photos in Janie's etsy shop! She is layered with dresden and tiny rhinestones and paper....She's jointed too so you can give her different body expressions. She also holds an adorable bat wand... I love love love her!!! I hung it on one of my old horse barn windows in the hallway. She's such a great start to the Halloween season and what a fantastic trade!!

Thank you so much Janie!! Your work is really fabulous and I urge everyone who loves Halloween to visit her shop! :)

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