Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who doesn't love a swap?!

I wanted to show you all this yummy party hat and hanging collage I got in a little swap with Mel at Little Melfie's Studio. She makes fabulous creations with fabulous materials and I couldn't resist her party hats!

I'm keeping it under a tall cloche on my living room end table alongside a floral frog with old photos of my sweet grandfather and an awesome paper weight I found for a Lincoln at a flea market in NYC.

This adorable little girl holds a flag with a "C" for Crystal! I love aqua and turquoise (the most difficult color to spell) and she incorporated them perfectly!

She almost looks like my little sister when she's pouty... :)

And she sent this pretty hanging collage as a surprise!! Thank you so much Mel! It's hanging on the mirror in my hallway. I asked Ben if he liked it thinking he would say it's too girly, but he looked at it, thought for a second and said "Yeah...actually I do". What a compliment for Mel! :)


Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE the cute party hat!! What a neat idea!

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

So so so sweet!!! Melfie is one of the greatest people EVER!!! Her work is totally an extension of her.

Very funnn!!

xoxo Jenny

Anonymous said...

The hat is sweet and I love the way you displayed it. You're so great at combing things! The swap idea is so much fun! J

Maija said...

I just love everything that Mellie makes! Lucky you! And lucky her for receiving the fabulous Octopus and butterfly you made!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

How adorable!! I just love Mel to pieces!! Such a sweetheart!!! :-) I hope you have a fantastic day!!! hugs!!! Britt :-)

SweetAnnee said...

Sweet things Mel sent you.. How fun.
and I love your creations too..
many smiles, Deena