Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pretty Little Birds

Yesterday I breathed a small sigh of relief. Not a big one...but a little one. I made it to the post office with 20 minutes to spare (thank goodness there was no line) and finally mailed off the last of my Christmas delivery packages. When I got home I cuddle on the couch near Ben while he worked on his paper and looked at books, peeked through ebay and even took a nap for a few short hours. Now it's back to work as I still have more orders to fill...but it's at a much more leisurely pace...phew!

Well, while I was peeking through ebay, I found some interesting things (as I always do) and thought I might share these simple, but special little birdies with you. They are German putz birds "flying" over a pinecone. German putz is one of my favorite things (as the song in The Sound of Music goes), and these birdies captured my heart.

Each one is on a little spring that helps them "fly".

Each pinecone is thickly painted, as are the birds. Click on each photo to go to the listing...there's still time left if you want to scoop one of these cuties up! I was thinking about doing so...but instead they are inspiring me to think about making something similar for myself. We'll see. :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Glad your holiday season is slowing down to a more leisurely pace....isn't is a nice feeling? Loving the little birds - what inspirations will they bring to that little creative hand you have?

Unknown said...

So new yet so vintage looking!!! A perfect balance Hugs Julie