Friday, January 15, 2010

Artsy Outing

The day before yesterday I got out of the house for a bit to meet up with some artsy friends. Kerry, Liz, Louise, Betsy, Mimi, and I had great fun and discussed in great detail whatever happened to come up in conversation, and Mimi brought a big box of old buttons to share (she's too kind, really!). Then someone mentioned the thrift store that was down the block and before we knew it, we found ourselves there searching for sweaters and teacups. This particular store is always well picked though, but I managed to find a gorgeous vintage carved wooden corner shelf for $5! Mimi found a nice striped sweater to outfit her dolls along with some teacups to build tiny worlds in, and Liz found a nifty 1960's juice class caddy for a buck or two. Yay!

As usual I didn't snap any photos so I stole the two photos above from Kerry and Mimi...sorry girls!

After we departed I wandered around Cambridge a bit more, hauling my light-weight, but awkwardly-shaped shelf with me. Eventually I stopped in to a huge art store and bought a much needed gallon of glue along with some other things. One of those other things was a huge pack of amazingly colored chenille stems. They were so beautiful and unusual, I was thrilled when I saw them. They have an antiqued pastel quality, much like vintage chenille stems do. I can't wait to use them!

After the craft store I went into the co-op grocery store next door. There were so many wonderful grains and healthy snacks! My mouth was watering. But all I could do was look. I had no free hand to grab something off the shelf! Plus my arms were getting tired. At that point I decided it was time to get on the train and go home. :)


mimi k said...

I was thinking about how difficult it must have been to get your shelf home- worth it, I hope!

jenny b harris said...

What a fun get-together, you are lucky to live near other crafters. And those chenille stems are fabulous, love those colors!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Fun to get together with other crafters/bloggers and talk shop (and then shop!). Those pipe cleaner colors are AWESOME!

Louise CF said...

Hi Crystal,

It was great to get together eventhough I had to scoot early. Looking forward to seeing you next month. Love your new pipe cleaners- gorgeous colors!


theresa said...

Okay, those pipe cleaners are way cool. Who made them? Are they american? They look like old Blue Jay brand.
Say hello to Mimi for me; nice to see you guys are hanging out together!