Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last Batch of Valentine's Day People (and animals!)

I can't believe how fast time flies! That's why I have to reluctantly put away my red and pink ribbons and trim and take out my green and pastel colored ones. Every year I find that all the holidays approach so much more quickly than I expected and I find myself behind and on everything I want to make. So this year I'm staying on top of it!

Soooo...without further adieu, here are the last big batch of Valentine's Day goodies! You'll find most of them in my Etsy shop! :)

Love bears, not love birds.

A trio of sassy gals all after that coveted "Queen of Hearts" title.

Balloons and heart staffs are "in" this season. ;)

Why get a dog when you can have an adorable red lamb to follow you to school one day?

And this sweetie is a true one of kind, swinging happily on a vintage thread ball. Now I'm off to emerge myself in all things Irish and Springy! :)

And check back in next week. I'm making a special one of a kind piece that I'd like to sell with all proceeds going to help the people of Haiti in this incredibly difficult time.

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