Thursday, August 5, 2010

A couple of newbies...

I'd like to introduce Garden Gal and Blue Babe! These one of a kind pieces were just posted in my Etsy shop and are currently looking for new homes!

I'm on a little week long vacation right now visiting my family in NY. It's so nice to be with them and there's always something peaceful, pretty or exciting going on! Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Moosewood...the hunting lodge that's tucked away in the Adirondack Mountains. The place we've been going to since way before I was born! The place where you have to get the water from the creek with buckets and walk outside to the outhouse in the middle of the night. I love it!

I'll be back in the studio on Tuesday...hopefully with a few pretty photos from Moosewood. See you then! :)


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

These are really cute. You obviously love what you do!

Have a great time,

chinamommy said...

Awww, love these! Hope your vacation was relaxing and wonderful!