Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fantastic Furnishings

It's been a while since I've done some serious treasure hunting, but when my buddy Lisa sent me an email the night before this amazing estate sale, I knew I couldn't resist...and why should I? I've been really good lately and my house is nicely organized with nothing spilling out of the seams. :)

Well thank you Lisa for telling me about this sale...I found some real beauties on the furniture front!

I can do some real good front porch sittin' in this teal rocker covered with chippy paint. I just need to sew a pretty cushion for it.

This elegantly cut little cabinet was the first thing I spotted when I walked into the shed. I'm shocked that no one had bought it yet. But....this lady picked it up before I could get to it and asked the guy how much it was. He said $25. I watched her in suspense as she looked it over...unsure. "It's a fixer upper" she said as she put it down. I didn't waste a second before I picked it up and said "for $25? I'll take it!" It is missing a little side piece on the top...but it's a simple cutout that I could probably manage to duplicate on my scroll saw with little trouble. Whether I ever get around to doing it is beside the still looks great without it!

This large, simple cabinet with glass knob was good cheap find too. I lugged it out of the basement along with 5 other things I was carrying. It was well worth the effort! And the 10 bucks.

This was the most expensive piece I bought at 40 smackeroos. It's larger than it looks in the photo and has really neat carvings and is in really nice shape, minus the dirt. It will look great when we move into our house in NY. I love it!

This heavy iron thing was sitting on the basement work bench amid all the rusty tools and nails. I'm not sure what it's purpose is...but I had to have it.

I'm so glad I snatched this up on the second round through the did I miss it the first time? It's the perfect color, and despite the fact that I'm not huge into floral print...this delicate metal watering can works great when watering my tiny plants.

I'm always on the look out for mini muffin and tart tins for cake toppers. I'll add these to my pile!

I hit the jackpot on old millinery fruit and leaves. I'm sure these goodies will inspire some neat creation in the near future.

As soon as I entered the house my goal was to find the Christmas room that was photographed in the listing. Well...I wasn't the only one. This woman was in there scooping up all the best stuff! I was crushed...but still managed to find some great things.

I found this neat autumn-y ribbon in the shed of all places. It was there by it's lonesome among the shovels and old furniture. The guy told me to just take it. Yay! A little victory that helped me recover from the Christmas room let down.

And finally I scooped up these little vintage trowels. They helped me dig my way out the crowd!

Phew! I feel pretty good about the goodies I got at the estate sale...but what a thing it is to battle the hungry vultures (me being one of them) who are all after the same awesome old things! I'll hang up my estate sale bags for a little while and relish in all the previous flea market and estate goodies I've already acquired. :)


mimi k said...

wow- looks like you really scored!

vivian said...

Id say you got some great stuff! love that chair and that fancy little cabinet! Where in ny are you moving too? I live in ny. (and you Ny is so small, we would probably be neighbors! lol!)
anyways.. have fun with your new treasures

Anonymous said...

You are getting a good collection for your new home. I ALWAYS like the Christmas stuff and the shelves are awesome, especially the $40 one. I love the rocker. It was your day!

Georgia Peachez said...

That was a great sale, but don't you hate when you get there and someone is in front of you or walking around already with all the stuff you wanted! I would rather they be gone before I even see them, that way I won't whine my way through the rest of the day. xo, suzy

vivian said...

hi again Crystal, just wanted to answer your question. I live between rochester and buffalo NY on lake ontario.
sweet dreams!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Dear Crystal!


I have posted a picture of one of your figures on my blog.
I hope you will like it!
Have a great day

AquaMarine Queen said...

oooh! that cabinet with the birds!!! love it!!!

So glad you got to this sale. I'm still crying over missing it.

barbara said...

I hate being (and being around) the vultures, too - kind of eager for the season to end at this point! Beautiful things, though, so well worth it. I have the exact same watering can - it's just the right size.