Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Character Preview!

I think this blog preview system is working out pretty good so far... It's a great way to showcase what's new and give blog reading collectors first dibs at these one of a kind, get them before they're gone, creations. Remember if you see anything you like, just email me. First come first served! I'll be posting any unclaimed characters in my Etsy shop tomorrow morning. I'd love to know what you think of this new system and if I can make it better in any way.

So many people requested the little girl sitting on a pine cone, so I just had to make another! Hopefully she's just as well liked as her slightly older cousin. She holds a tiny nest and a handmade real goose feather tree sprig. And her friend shows off her strength by lifting that large present!

A whimsical German Santa with a little Erzgebirge snowman and tiny vintage cotton watte mushrooms stands with a Santa that perches high on a vintage silver bell, and a large Santa with lots of gifts to bear.

These two gals balance skillfully on vintage glittered pine cones while holding their freshly opened gifts!

This smartly dressed girl rides a dashing vintage reindeer. This pair can stand or hang.

The blizzard just hit! This fabulous group of characters truly makes me yearn for snow. Including the girl who is just about to chop down her Christmas tree, the snappily dressed boy with a gift just for you, the best friends snow bunnies, and the shooting star snow girl.

A large snow bunny in a long pretty crepe dress, the large vintage flower juggling snow girl and the sweet little snow fairy are just as dashing in a winter landscape as they are next to the Christmas tree.

So Santa and two angels walk into a bar... hmmm...I'll have to come up with the rest of that joke later, but won't these ornaments look dazzling hanging from a green pine bough?

Two quite proper and polite kitties from different neighborhoods get along just swell.

A paper mache faced moon man watching the circus acts in awe and disbelief as they eat fire and spin tiny hoops while doing acrobatics!

And finally, another classic mermaid with a fully spun cotton tail.

Email me ( if any of these just need to be on your tree or in your home (or the home of a loved one) this year. :)


magikalseasons said...

Love them! :)

Jennifer said...

Sooo Cute!
I got an Awesome Santa and an adorable Snowman.
Couldn't resist!

pussman and co said...

Love all your items! I wish you the best X-mas sales!!