Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Etsy Update!

I'll be doing another mini Etsy update today featuring these cute pieces! This will be my only update until sometime next week as I'll be down in New Jersey and NYC with Ben's family to celebrate what we're thankful for!

Remember, if you see them here and they haven't made it to Etsy yet, just send me an email if you're interested in claiming one. They are all between 25 and 28 dollars except for the snowmen, which are 30 dollars.

The group in the first photo contain two totally new types of figures...An adorable young stag and a piece of pizza! The elegant mermaid holds a seashell found on Cape Cod. The rest of the pieces below are winter wonderland figures...perfect for displaying after Christmas for as long as there's snow on the ground!

Santa has a full cotton beard. Angel has large dresden wings and a vintage trim layered dress. Party girl is ready to place herself strategically under the mistletoe in hope of getting a few smooches! And Miss. Christmas Cheer walks the neighborhood delivering wreaths and singing carols.

One tall coal juggling snowman and one classic broom bearing snowman.

Mr. Ax is about to harvest his Christmas tree. This girl just opened her stocking and found yummy berries and a toy reindeer. Snow bunny is staying warm with a scarf. And Miss. Snow is high up in the sky, delivering a white Christmas to all of those who wish for it.

And I've just listed icicles too! Order as many of these as you want at any time...there's (almost) unlimited stock!

I've also listed, and will continuously list open edition animal ornaments. They're a classic favorite for any Christmas tree and after Christmas, the hanging hook can be removed and they're back on their feet and to being every day display pieces!

Happy Thanksgiving week and thank you endlessly to all of those who have made room in their homes and in their gift list this year for a spun cotton cutie. I am eternally grateful! :)

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