Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I wish you the most joyous Christmas ever! I'll be spending it with my family, and I'm really excited about seeing their faces when they open their gifts! I thought it would be fun to share with you some of what they're getting:

A little hand screen printed owl onesie hides in this little party cracker for my unborn niece! Her mom will open it for her since she's preoccupied with

Every year my dad gets a hand painted T-shirt made by yours truly. The theme this year is a trio of cows (you know, since he's a dairy farmer and all)!

I've been eying these fabulous baby head pots from Etsy for a while now. The one on the left is for me and the crying infant is for a my mom. I think she'll love it!

And I found these guys recently at an antique store. They're made of bisque and have really interesting positions. Also for mom!

Ben is always complaining that he doesn't have any mugs for his evening tea. Well now he does! These brainy cups were found at the SOWA holiday market. :)

My sister Sara is a freshman in college and I thought she might like something to dress up her room a bit. So I made her a sturdy fabric banner! Some of the pennants are made with fabric that used to belong to our Grandmother, so it will be extra special.

She's also getting a smaller banner to compliment the fabric. This one is made from a map of Boston. Where her big sister lives!

And of course who can forget the kitties! These wool kitty toys were inspired by a gift from my sweet friend Mary. Her wool mouse was so well played with that it now is simply a lump of gray wool, and it still gets lots of kitty action! :) These guys will go to my sister Suzi's cat Ollie and my brother's cats, Emme and Mila. Meow!

And Merry Christmas! I hope you got everything that you wanted! :)

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Jennifer Lewis said...

What beautifully wrapped presents.
I also love the map banner idea.