Monday, February 21, 2011

Easter and Spring Update!

Easter Egg Hunt Girl - SOLD
Happy Spring Girl - SOLD
Easter Party Girl - SOLD

It's snowing here this morning in Boston and while it's not too springy outside, my studio is bursting with colorful pastels, Easter grass and flowers. The result is this collection of springtime characters, ready to get you all excited about one of my favorite times of the year. When there's only a few small piles of snow left on the ground and the crocuses start poking their purple and yellow heads out to say "hello". That's what these guys represent and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! :)

As you probably know by now, blog readers get first dibs on my new spun cotton one of kind figures. If you see something(s) you love, just email me at and I'll let you know if they're still available. First come first served! I'll update item statuses in this post as often as I can to make it easier for you to know what's available. Items often get scooped up quickly, so make your selection as swiftly as you can, you can always add available pieces to your order later.

Shipping is $3.50 for one item and $1 per additional item up to $6.50, then additional pieces are free. And of course email me if you have any questions! Happy Shopping!

Miss Polka Dot - SOLD
Sunshine Bunny - SOLD
Bright Butterfly Girl - SOLD

Flower Boy - SOLD
Flower Girl - SOLD

Miss Proper in Blue - SOLD
Mushroom Boy - SOLD
Easter Loot Cat Girl - SOLD

Chocolate Bunny Cat Girl - SOLD
Mr. Carrots - SOLD

Miss Silver Spring - SOLD
Atop the Egg Girl - SOLD
Miss Pink Bunny - SOLD

Miss Oopsie Daisy - SOLD
Prima Ballerina of the Garden - SOLD

Miss Daffodil - SOLD
Sweet Umbrella Cat Girl - SOLD

Miss Magician Cat Girl - SOLD
The White Rabbit - SOLD
Miss Dove Cat Girl - SOLD

Too Many Chicks Girl - SOLD
Happy Easter Cat Girl - SOLD
Miss Easter Bonnet - SOLD

The Chocolate Sisters:
Nutella - SOLD
Thora - SOLD

Pretty in Pink Cat Girl - SOLD
Happy Spring Girl - SOLD
Easter Basket Cat Girl - SOLD

Miss "Put Me in Your Easter Basket" - SOLD


Bumble Belly Designs said...

flower boy and girl!!!!!!
They are great :)

AquaMarine Queen said...

Sunshine Bunny, Nutella and Oopsie Daisy

vivian said...

I want them all!! Really!!

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Ohhh my word!!!! I want allllll of them!!! Goodness!! You make my heart so so happy!!! So sweet and happy!! you are amazing!!

xoxo Jenny

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

OMG. so cute. I love them all. The top ones are my fave

M Ann M said...

These are all great Crystal! Can't wait to meet you at Tinsel Trading Company!