Monday, June 27, 2011

I Spy...

I've been working on our living room here and there this week and one of my tasks was to empty out my end table. I made it along with the horse barn window coffee table right before we moved to Boston and for 6 years I've been filling this little table with colorful vintage toys and other trinkets. It was filled right up to the glass and I'm not sure much more could fit, but alas, all the bright colors clash with our gray and neutral colored living room. So it's time for a change.

The toys can finally breathe!

I laid them all down on the floor just for fun. And I think it certainly calls for a game of "I Spy"!

I Spy with my little eye:
1 Kazoo, 27 Pez Dispensers, 1 Fish, 2 Collapsing Giraffes, 1 Coin Purse, 1 Stegosaurus, and Little Red Riding Hood.

Feel free to look at the detail pictures:

How many things did you find??

All gone! And ready to be filled with something more neutral...but what?


erinondemand said...

Hi! My name is Erin... My mother-in-law recommended me to your site...
I recently faced this same living room color-debacle, regarding my fireplace mantle. I photographed and removed the collection of colorful items and replaced them with an assortment of white and neutral items, to include: a cloche with a gold dolphin stand, driftwod with two silver spoons from my husband's grandparents, tiny silver candelabras from a thrift store, 3 antique brass owls, a hunk of white coral, a crystal decanter, a mirror, a robin's egg (obtained after hatching!), a crackly gray pot, a pearlescent bust of Elvis, a small wooden box of Victorian-era glass slides, and a small cat-figurine from my mother-in-law, which was made by you!
Anyway... you'll figure out what to put in your table. I rotate my knick-knacks every few months so nothing stays in the attic too long!

AquaMarine Queen said...

Sea shells and natural beach finds to celebrate the summer :0) Hope you are well and enjoying being "home!" said...

I recommend feathers picked up from the "yard".

Mary said...

Old book pages, coral, silver Christmas balls.

I also like wheat sheafs and feathers.

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Hello Crystal, I have been so busy the last few days with my son away, but I just wanted to take a moment and pop over to your blog. I love the little table and my favourite thing you collected was by far the little red riding hood, adorable.

As for the table, I see in there a beautiful collection of birds eggs in all shades of pale blue, soft brown, speckled to creamy whites from all sorts of birds. Softly nestled against dried grasses, much like a birds nest with a few feathers for luck.

Whatever you put in there I think it will be beautiful and it is full of so many possibilities, don't you think, blessings, Maureen.

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Sounds like a lot of great ideas here. I don't know though, unless you just want a different look, why couldn't the toys stay? Seems like they'd give your gray room a real splash of color.