Thursday, June 9, 2011

New old stuff...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my patriotic update the other day! Everyone is excited to have new homes and those that didn't will make their way to Etsy soon. :) In the mean time, I wanted to show you some of the neat new things I've found in my latest treasure hunting expeditions.

The chair above was wrangled at the local Friday night auction, which is just up the road from my house. It was the first time I ever really participated in an auction...and I have to was a ton of fun! The seats were filled with old timers and hillbillies and I felt right at home. The best part? The bidding stayed pretty low. I got this great vintage tufted chair for $12.50. Can't beat that! And I have to give props to Ben. He spotted it after I overlooked it. When Sophie's not lounging underneath it, she's on top looking at the squirrels out the window.

They also had lots of boxed lots where even if you want only one thing, you have to buy the whole box full. These were buried underneath other junk I didn't really care for and I was bummed when the auctioneer picked the couple next to me when the bids were at three dollars. I shamelessly asked the couple if I could buy just those four old party crackers out of the box and they wouldn't take my money. It was so sweet and I was super happy! I also bought a couple of other pieces of furniture that needs a bit of painting. I'll show you those later.

And yesterday I took the day off and went on a road trip with my mom to Vermont. It only takes about a half hour to forty five minutes to reach the border, but to me it's like a different, special world. I found this adorable crepe brides maid, skirt-side-up (how shameful for a proper lady!) at one of my favorite shops just shy of the VT border. She'll fit seamlessly into my collection.

This Christmas stuff was at the same store.

And the book! I can imagine reading this to my little nieces in a few years. See Spot run!

This tiny frog pitcher is a real gem and priced cheap because of a chip on his lip. Cool huh?

And these cool wood pieces will turn into a picture frame, trophy mount (no animals harmed of course) and ??.

And I haven't yet shown you the best find of the day, or month, or year really. That will be tomorrow. It's strange, bizarre, and completely amazing. Stay tuned! :)


A Rose Without A Thorn said...

I have to just take a moment to say "Well done Ben". The chair is beautiful and has great bones, what a find for $12.50. It looks perfect in its new home, Maureen

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Great chair and great crackers! Awesome that the couple gave you the party are the perfect person to get would have made my day too!

so, so curious about your mystery find.