Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look what I found at Brimfield!

My mom and I spent a wonderful sunny day gallivanting around the lots at Brimfield and came home with some mighty fine treasures! One of which was a fabulous and completely decadent dental cabinet. I've been saving my pennies for years for a piece like this which I promised myself to find after we finally moved. And was this baby a steal! A girl never divulges her splurges, but let's just say that it wasn't even in the same galaxy as the same exact one that I saw at another booth for a whopping $750!

Granted that the rival piece has all the original milkglass inserts that holds the dental tools, while my drawers were empty. But since I don't plan to store my non-existent dental tools there, I'm happy I'm not burden with them and have room to stash my jewelry, and other bathroom doodads.

Oh yeah...that's what I got it for...our master bathroom! It has newly installed mirrors on the counter and backsplash portions of it, although the edges are raw and very ouchie if you touch it wrong! I need to figure something out there...any ideas?

What a beaut! I'm so proud of this find and I can't wait to get it up to the bathroom (it was too heavy for Ben and I, so now I just need to find a way to bribe a visit from my brother) :)

I also picked up this 6 foot long gate up at my friend Eric's place at the Brimfield Barn. It's fairly lightweight for what it is and we plan to hang it as a pot rack over the kitchen island. The pots will hang from S-hooks and the rails are thin enough to hang other things, like our giant vintage ladle.

I dug through the "Hardware Lady's" piles of doodads to come up with some handles for an amazing $2 dresser Ben and I bought at the auction, plus a tooth brush holder that needs a little work and lizardy towel hook and wooden plate to go near the shower in the bathroom.

I didn't exactly mean to, but it seems that I've pretty much got the whole bathroom outfitted at Brimfield! This French fishing basket will make a perfect powder room waste basket!

And I can hardly resist an interesting frame. A Faux Bois cardboard frame with a neat owl and skull print was only $3. The vintage elaborate tramp art frame was a steal at $20. I've been wanting a tramp art frame in the worst way for years but they were always just too much. I'm happy to have found one just for me!!

These tiny doodads were irresistible. A tiny bisque doll that you may be seeing again around Christmas time. A putz fire to go with my putz collection. The newest addition to my Wade England collection. Swan baby buttons and a neat celluloid flower. And an adorable baby drinking glass.

These were some of my other awesomest finds. Santa and his little cotton friend were found at different booths, but now enjoy skiing together!

Some other yummy Christmas goodies (I can't stay away from Christmas...ever!)

All of these trees were real finds too. The large ones are gigantic and were only $5 and $2 respectively. The little one on the interesting wooden base was a buck. Yay!

Some injured reindeer and a cool vintage sled.

Bell wreaths! I don't have a bubbly one so I had to pick this up.

And last but not least was my very first purchase. A pretty little nightgown that fit just right. A pretty little necklace was found later and match a pair of earrings I already have.

I'm still reveling in my treasures and my mom is too. I need to show you the amazing and adorable things she got that I am super jealous of! I'll see if I can't snap some quick photos the next time I visit her. :)

I would love to know what the best goodies you've dug up at antiques fairs are...just for fun!


Walter Silva said...

Crystal, Such great finds. I love the whole Brimfield experience! I snagged up 2 vintage Fisher Price Pull Toys to add to my collection. And, I got a handful of vintage children's books for less than $10.

Thanks for sharing pictures of your finds. I love the frames too!

Lisa said...

Hi Crystal,

Great goodies! But I was concerned about the potential "ouchies" from the raw edge of the mirrored top. I hope you haven't gotten hurt. My hubby LOVES to fix things so I showed him your pics and asked him his humble opinion on how it could be fixed. These were some of his suggestions: 1. Corner molding at a 90 degree angle, it goes on the outside corners and would be glued in place with caulk... he didn't know the name of the moulding, sorry! 2. Hard plastic caulk designed to use on bath tubs, it comes on a roll and folds at a 90 degree angle (lengthwise) with built in adhesive tape to hold it in place. Usually used on inside corners (like between a tub and wall) but it could be used for an outside corner too (just fold the other way).... can be purchased at Lowe's in the paint/caulk section. 3. He was wondering if the mirror could be removed and replaced with a mirror top with a beveled edge. Glass shops are able to do this/put a beveled/rounded edge on glass/mirrors. Hope that one of these suggestions with remedy your problem. Lisa

jone hallmark said...

Nice Job!
Some days the stars are aligned and it all falls into place.....right?

I am coveting your new dental cabinet - congratulations on that find!!!!

Your house is wonderful and seems to really be shaping up. .... and you are having fun with it. THAT is the most important thing.

As for the mirrors rough edges....would a belt sander (and some protective glasses for your eyes) create a smooth edge - kinda like the rounded edge old mirrors tend to have? Don't really know about it all, but it seems that could work quite nicely.

Happy Upcoming Nuptuals.....all the best to you!

lost property vintage said...

The cabinet is amazing.
I want to go to Brimfield! We went to Alameda while on holiday in California last year, and it was fantastic, although a little overwhelming.