Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Old Things in my Etsy Shop and a bit of a Sale!

I was doing a little bit of unpacking and much needed cleaning (yes I still have lots of stuff that is still packed up from our move!) in the studio earlier today and I found these forgotten characters. I made these a couple of years ago and I'm not sure why I still have them. Even though I have neglected them, they still smiled up at me in an unconditional love kind of way and I decided that these guys need nice new homes right now!
Soooo...I just listed them all to Etsy at a slightly lower than usual price. If you see one that you'd like, skip over to Etsy to pick it up or you can just email me at and let me know which one put a twinkle in your eye. :)

Oh...and these ones might be even older! I can't remember the last time I needle felted something for Halloween...but the witch and pumpkin are needle felted wool and then hand painted. The sweet kitty is from my chalk pouring days and is quite proper and snooty (and cheap!). :)

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