Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun Treasures!

A few weeks ago Ben and I went a fabulous estate sale where I channeled some Magpie Ethel luck. We went in the afternoon after the crazy crowd was gone and were still able to score some fabulous goodies. Most of what we got was in the garage in the form of a wheelbarrow, tools, and the like. Not too exciting...but I did find some fun vintage the old old celluloid bunny and stork! The stork is all broken in the back where it plugs in as a light bulb (weird), but you can never tell from the front and since it's a display piece, that's all the matters!

This beautiful old German egg isn't completely Easter and can be displayed all year round. I love it!

Lots of great Christmas goodies! Some for crafting, some for selling (in my Vintage from Crystal Etsy shop), and some for keeping!

A whole box of awesome Christmas corsages. Most of them are in somewhat non-perfect shape, which takes the guilt away from taking them apart for using this Christmas as spun cotton accessories. :) Well...except for the pink and silver one...that one's going on my Christmas tree.

Some little trinkets...including a rock collection, cool old pin cushion, and pretty little jewel box.

This was my most unusual find of the sale...A big bin of antique (not vintage...antique!) baby clothes! They are so beautiful...many are handmade, and all were lovingly cared for.

Lots of bonnets and booties. Lots of knitted and crocheted sweaters, including one that was so loved and carefully stitched back together when it began to fall apart. Back then wearing something so repaired was probably looked upon negatively and maybe as a sign of destitution. But I now it see as something loved and taken care of and something that's still around today! Not tossed away at the first tiny hole. I love it! Most of these clothes are too small for my ever-growing nieces and little cousins, plus I think you need a taste for old things to want to put your baby in these, so I'm stashing these away for future babies. We'll see if I can bear to put them on a pooping, puking baby when the time comes! lol But I guess if they stood the test of babies long grown, then they'll be ok for a new little person. :)


2daisies said... did channel some "Magpie Ethel" luck huh? LOL. I've got sensory overload now since I was just on her blog checking out her Halloween :-)
Lucky me to have found both of your blogs for some fun and inspiration !
Have a great weekend - Doreen

Len said...

That celluloid stork was a Christmas light. It was made in Japan. My books are upstairs or I would have given you the dates of production. Celluloid Christmas lights were only made for two years because the celluloid is so flammable. The old lights got very hot. Who knows how many house fires were caused by those lights.

AquaMarine Queen said...

That stash of baby clothes ... to die for! I was thinking of you this morning when I turned up 5 of those huge german eggs - some with cotton chicks in them.

Barbara said...

Corsages make me dizzy ... one of my favorite things to find! And the baby clothes are just great. Amazing this was left hours after the sale began!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I'd say you channeled some found some great stuff! Can't believe you found this stuff in the afternoon - what treasures would have been there earlier? Love the stork and the corsages...awesome!
p.s. got my dress and it is dang cute! Thanks..