Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apple Sauce!

Here in Saratoga, Ben and I live surrounded by apple orchards. This fall on a warm day we even walked from our back yard into the neighboring orchard (which is huge!) and had ourselves quite an adventure where I even found a pretty milk glass pedestal dish on the side of the road...go figure!
And the orchard on the other side of our driveway was abundant with apples this year, but there was no pest control of any kind so they were filled with worms and black spots and looked rather icky. I was too busy to pick my own at the neighboring orchard this fall, but I was in luck the other day. My dad fixed the cider press in the orchard next to his farm and now that the apple growers are forever indebted to him, he's been showered with apples and cider and happily shared some with me! Aren't they pretty all stacked up in milk glass? Well that was last night....

This is what they look like this morning! For the first time ever...I made yummy applesauce! And I didn't put any onions or garlic in...they just happened to sneak into the photo as a sort of visual garnish... It was easy and fun to do...

Thanks to this little do-hicky! Ben spotted this at a yard sale in Boston and scooped it up for a buck or two a while back. It cores, peels and slices apples in a few quick turns of the knob. We were fighting over who got to use it last night....it was fun watch the apples turn and turn and turn!

Yay for local produce! :) Oh...and if you're wondering, I just used these directions as a guideline and added lots of cinnamon. Yum!

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