Monday, January 23, 2012

Things in Progress

I have several projects in the works at once right now. One that I'm especially excited about. Ben and I finally started building the floor to ceiling entertainment center/built-in shelves in our living room! It will have a similar look and feel to the shelves I built in the dining room, but this one has a cabinet base instead of straight up shelving from the floor. It was/is a bit more of a challenge in that respect, but so far so good!

I spent a good chunk of Saturday sitting down to figure out the design, configuration and materials list before heading to the lumber yard. The guy at the lumber yard was patient with me luckily. Really...the hardest part of this whole thing is figuring out ahead of time how many feet of what type and size wood we needed. I think I got it pretty accurate so far, knock on wood we won't run into any shortages (although we could always make another lumber yard trip). There are more sketches where this came from!

And just a little while ago I started working on more mushrooms! This morning I forgot to preheat my studio after the cold weekend, so while I was waiting for the baseboard heating to do it's job upstairs, and spent some time downstairs in the kitchen watching Will and Grace reruns and sculpting mushrooms on the counter. Now it's time to work on some custom orders.... There's lots in progress here! :)


Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i can't wait to see how your built ins come out! my husband and i want to do a whole wall of built ins for our books but i'm too intimidated to do it ourselves.

Sharon said...

I am in awe of your building skills and totally curious about that iron :)

Your Craft Book said...

Wow, I am impressed, that looks difficult and a lot of work. I know it will be beautiful once it is finished. Great work, Maureen.

Francesca said...

You are absolutely amazing. Looks good. Can't wait to
see the finished product and all the goodies that you
will put on it:)