Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fly fly fly!

 Last month I got an amazing surprise package in the mail from a friend's dad.  I met him early last year and we were talking about our mutual love for natural objects.  He's a great and very interesting guy and a month ago he surprised me with an amazing gift of wings and feathers!  He has a beautiful farm where he grows plants and flowers and he had collected the feathers and wings over time from birds that had died naturally or accidentally.  The pheasant was a coyote victim.  The turkey was a car victim.  He didn't mention the hummingbird...but I'm guessing old age or window.  There are lots of other loose feathers that I hope to make earrings, garlands and other things from.

 He sent three full pairs of wings:  a pheasant, a sparrow, and a hummingbird.  Small, medium and large.  I was so excited to display them that I couldn't wait until the holidays were over and I spent the new year cutting, positioning and labeling.  I used antique and vintage frames I'd been storing in the basement, vintage crepe paper, vintage matte board and some wrapping paper too. 

 They turned out beautifully I think!

 The hummingbird wings are my favorite...they are so so tiny and sweet.  Poor little guy!  I used the backside of a 1960's receipt to place them on for a pop of mellow yellow.

 I'm not super happy with the pheasant wings frame job, so I may redo it eventually...but for now they are proudly displayed at the top of the stairs on the second floor.  This old Victorian house is staying true to it's kind...the Victorian's just adored pretty dead things!  :)

Thank you so much Huck! 


Sarah said...

I love this. My little boy and I picked up a dead hummingbird on the sidewalk 3 years ago and it's still in my freezer (kind of yuck, huh?) waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. Maybe just using the wings is the answer.

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

how pretty! i love the hummingbird wings too. so sweet.

frogsmile26 said...

Actually, we have a "stuffed" hummingbird from my great grandfather. It flew into the wire rope factory where he worked and died...very tragic...but he got it and had it taxidermed, and put on a branch, under a cloche. It's looking a little sad these days, but there it is.
PS...Crystal, I LOVE my little heart baby from your Valentine sale.

Lisa W. said...

What an interesting idea ... well done ! The wings are so beautiful and I love how you have mounted them. It is good that all of the birds passed away naturally rather than being killed for their beautiful parts. It is so much easier to enjoy them that way . Thanks for sharing !

Lynn said...

I love to find gifts like that for people - you just know they are going to love them! Great idea to frame them - looks super on your wall!

Sussi.Sussinghurst said...

Love the wings of the little hummingbird. We here in Denmark alas, don't have hummingbirds.

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