Friday, August 9, 2013

Meet all the Chickies!

Now that they are almost all grown up, I think it's time for all the ladies to be properly introduced...They are all unique and beautiful and oh so different and I'd love for you to meet them all!

First up is Pearl.  She's an Araucana and has sort of a stern look about her, but she's really very sweet and friendly.  Ben likes her best and gave her her name.  :)  She'll lay either light blue, green or pink eggs.  (They'll start laying this fall probably.)

 Like her "sister" Pearl, Jenny is also an Araucana (and was raised in my studio).  She has a stern look about her too I think and lives up to the look.  She comes over for food, but would rather not be picked up.  I'll win her over one of these days!!

 Patsy is an "Olive Egger" chicken and will lay olive green eggs.  She's rather shy and is a bit of an outcast, but she's very sweet and loving and has cut puffy cheek feathers and blue legs.

 Henrietta (also named by Ben) has her eyes closed in this photo, but she's the oldest and was from the first batch of five chicks to be raised in my studio.  Her size makes her the queen of the coop right now, but we'll see if she keeps her throne once the other catch up to her.  She's a Buff Orphington and I think will lay brown eggs.

 Sweet Flora is by far the sweetest of all the chickens.  She's white with muted gray polka dots and will lay dark red eggs.  She doesn't make a peep when you pick her up and follows me around hoping for some japanese beetles or potato bugs.  I can't say enough how sweet this little one is and she's really won my heart.  I can carry her around her hours probably without a fuss and she gets along with everyone else just dandy.

And then there was Tina.  Tina is a Polish chicken is the smallest of the bunch.  I think she'll stay the smallest too.  She has a pert little tail and is very noisy.  I can pick her up easily, although she always seems surprised when I do...I think she needs another haircut.  I'm not really sure what color eggs she'll lay...we'll see!  I'm guessing they'll be the smallest...

I hope you liked my little introduction!  My chickies are like puppies to me and you'll probably see more of them on the blog than you really want (I apologize ahead of time).  I can't wait to see what their eggs look like when they all start laying!  Rainbows!!


Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Love seeing all your sweet additions to the family. Raising chickens is so fun- they have such personality.

Lisa W. said...

Thanks for the introduction to your beautiful little girls ! They all look happy and healthy . Do keep those pictures coming !