Thursday, October 16, 2014

Check Out Our New Video!!
      Video by Paul Z. Marcus of Foxo Productions

Surprise!  We've got something exciting to show you!  We enlisted the help of the uber talented Paul Marcus at Foxo Productions to create a little moving picture to help us show all of you a little bit more about who we are!

Click on the above photo to watch our video.  Or click on the same image in the sidebar. 

We hope you enjoy!  Feel free to leave a comment, we'd love to know what you think!  :)


vivian said...

loved it Crystal! Its always fun to get a peek at where an artist creates and to get a glimpse of who they are and where their inspiration comes from.
LOVE your house btw.. great place!
and of course, I love your little creations.
have a great weekend

Diane Mars said...

That Video was great! You all did a great job! So much fun to hear a bit about how you came to be a crafter. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your studio~

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I love this video! Such a fun peek in the life of a very talented gal. Would love to visit that house of yours someday..and that magical studio of yours! Really, really awesome!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your video ! Very nicely done . Thanks for sharing. Oh and your little Olive gets more adorable all the time !

Anonymous said...

I was having an awful day. I watched your sweet little endearing video and I felt uplifted and inspired. Crystal you are a source of joy and inspiration today. So thanks. You too Ben!

Elaine Neidig said...

Awesome video! It's so wonderful to see you three at work and your life in general. Loved it!

Mary said...

Seriously the cutest family EVER! You guys are amazing!!

mara's market said...

great video, thanks for sharing your wonderful story. you are truly doing what you love and having your family along makes it more special.