Monday, April 5, 2010

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a very happy Easter! I had a very low key celebration with my family in upstate NY (Ben stayed in Boston - he had to work). It was beautiful so we ate outside near the pond and my sisters and I spent all afternoon on the trampoline. Then my dad and I spent the evening hashing out preliminary wedding plans. It was great!

Now it's time for little bit of bragging on my part. It's not always proper to brag, but I can't help myself today. A friend of mine sent me this link to Martha's blog and I was so flattered to see that she had a bunch of my silly creations on her dinner table for her meeting with Hallmark and for Easter! Her home is (of course) so beautiful and is all soft grays and white. My nests fit right in with the rest of her centerpieces...but my bunnies were giggling at the thought of them being invited to dinner too!

His bright blue color sticks out like a sore thumb among the white and clear dishware. His pink buddy blends in a little better.

Of course the center pieces aren't the focus of this photo...however I couldn't help but play Where's Waldo! Can you find the pink bunny, blue bunny and two nests?

My nests from last year are well taken care of and they now have little birdie friends to look after the eggs. :)

I think this is Martha's Easter table...all ready set for the big Sunday feast!

These two pictures are also from Martha's blog. I just love how these eggs look displayed in this old funeral/wedding basket. I've got a bunch of those baskets in storage and this makes me want to pull them out for next year!!

And I can't decide who is cuter...the little cotton chicks or the kitty. Those roosters look so amazing in a little chickie army!

I hope everyone had a chocolate bunnilicious Easter and thanks for entertaining my little moment of bragging! :)


sMacThoughts said...
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sMacThoughts said...

Oops, thought I could edit my post but it doesn't let me....

Holy cow, I think that you are really finding a good 'friend/ally' in Miss Martha, that's so fantabulous!!

also, Crystal, I am having a Giveaway. Just comment to enter, on my blog, if ya want! :)

Me! said...

Holy Smokes! I think you can count that as quite a compliment! Congratulations!

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Brag away Crystal you deserve it. I hope Hallmark come knocking at your door. I think that would be wonderful, I am keeping my fingers crossed that they can think outside of the Hallmark box!!!!

Your wonderful creations look perfect on Miss Martha's table. As she would say, "It's a good thing". Maureen

Mary said...

Brag away! You totally deserve it!!! The table looks beyond fab with all your decorations.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Hey you are totally correct to "toot your horn" and mention this little feather in your cap! TOTALLY COOL! I would love to have a little microphone in one of your bunnies and listen to a conversation at Martha's table - a spy bunny!

Darryl Moland said...

I saw that on Martha's blog. I figured you knew about it . . . quite a compliment from Martha indeed!
Very cool!


Sarah Howard Joost said...

I can't believe that Martha copied me and put your adorable critters on her Easter table as well...typical!!!!

Alba Linea said...

hi there! i was watching your video on martha steward and im so thrilled about it! your style is soooo vintage amazing and your blog is soooo sweet! love everything you made! best wishes from germany! ;0)

jenny holiday said...

So so cool!!!! And toootally understandable!! Your work is incredddible!!!!!!! Perfect on every level!!!!



I heard some of your sweet creations will be at Art Opera!!!hooooray!! We are I hope to pick one up!!! :)