Monday, August 5, 2013

We're going on Vacation!!

Ben and I are hitting the roads of the northwest US with my dad and two sisters!  So excitimg!  This trip was very last minute and is a fly by the seat of our pants sort of adventure and we can't wait to tell you all about it when we return!  We'll be flying into Seattle and renting a car and making our way to Olympia National Forest (can't wait to see lots of moss!) and then making our way down the coast, making a pit stop in Portland, where we'll hopefully get to eat some of those famous Voodoo donuts and do some hipster watching.  We'll stop at the ocean for a quick dunk and some shell collecting (maybe) and then end our trip in San Francisco (I've always wanted to go there!).  We are planning as we go and any tips or suggestions of things to do would be very much appreciated! 

We're leaving tomorrow and returning on August 18th.  We'll be checking and responding to emails while we're away, so feel free to email and comment during this time, we always love hearing from you!  We've also prepared a few scheduled blog posts, at least one of which is rather quite exciting news I think, so don't forget to check back!  Until then....

See you on the flip side!!


vivian said...

have fun!

Eggman Studios said...

Oh my goodness--you guys are gonna love it over here! I live in the Puget Sound area on the Kitsap Peninsula and while I can recommend a million places you should see, I highly suggest a stop in Port Townsend on your way out to the Olympics and the coast. It's a wonderfully preserved Victorian seaside town that is very arty and has beautiful architecture, great food, friendly locals, and above all a laid-back small town vibe. It doesn't hurt that they also have my absolute fave local used bookstore (William James Bookseller) in the downtown area--it's a tiny place crammed floor to ceiling with wonderfully old tomes in a creaky old building right over the water. I go there usually once a week. :) It's definitely my home away from home!

There are also lots of beautiful places to hike and get spectacular views on your way to the coast--Hurricane Ridge (which is part of the national park) is usually a must-see for folks that haven't been out this way before. But really, the entire coastline from WA down to CA is where it's at. You won't want to leave.

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

If you have time in the San Francisco area, Crystal, check out Lacis, Castle in the Air....and in Berkeley, The Tail of the Yak, oh! and Bell'Ochio. You will be dazzled.
Donna L.

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