Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boxes of Goodies!!

Today I wanted to show you my Christmas decor, but I didn't get to take photos last night, so instead I'll show you some photos I took right after I took my delicate decorations out of the two giant trunks they call home 11 months out of the year. :)

This first photo shows some vintage foil bells from Japan that I picked on an upstate New York antiquing outing with my mom a couple of years ago, along with some Victorian era tinsel ornaments and tree topper.

Who can resist a box chock full of bottle brush trees?! Some of these are vintage and some are new. I think next year I'm going to take some of the newer ones and dye them pink and turquoise and add mica flakes and antique glass beads for some added color. :)

Last year we had a party around Christmas time and someone brought a box of beer. I don't drink but I didn't hesitate to snatch up the box and use it's little compartments to store my glass bead garland and small delicate glass ornaments. All vintage and antique! And couldn't help but smile when I opened this box up this year.

Hopefully tonight I'll be able to snap some photos of the tree, the top of my china cabinet and my dining room nook, among other places, to show you the displays that I'm so proud of! Check back in tomorrow! :)

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