Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blog Give Away!!

After writing about my recent sad and happy experiences with our kitties, so many of you wrote to me with your own stories of your loving pets. Thank you for that!

It was so nice and heartwarming to hear about all the love we have for our beloved animals, that I want to finagle some more pet stories and memories out of you guys! And what better way to do that than with a bribe! A give away bribe to be more specific!

Leave a comment telling me a story or memory about your pet(s), current or remembered. They can be funny, heartfelt or surprising. And it doesn't have to be just about cats or dogs. There are all sorts of pets and I personally have been lucky enough to have made many animal friends of all shaped and sizes over the years.

I'll start off with my own memories of the pet cows I had as a kid. Sequin was a beautiful mostly black girl that won all the ribbons at the fair and had a snotty personality to match. Jaxx was a big fatty with a heart of gold. She was so wide she could hardly fit through the milking parlor doors! Sequin would see me from a distance in the barn or pasture and would look for a second, then turn the other way. Jaxx would see me and come running over to be scratched and patted. Jaxx loved apples and carrots, which I always gave to her on her birthday. Sequin liked to run away from me during walks and roll around on any hill or sand pile that happened to be nearby...a scary thing to watch, as their stomachs can get twisted that way! They were so opposite in personality, but they were my babies and I still smile when I think of them. :)

Ok, now your turn! I'll randomly pick a winner in one week, the evening of Thursday, July 29th. I will announce the winner here and they'll get to choose between the spun cotton dog or cat. Also, I'd love to have a chance to write back to you guys individually when you leave comments. If you'd like for me to write back, just include your email address in the comment. :)


kerry hawkins art and photo said...

My cat Cleo used to steal things like bags if Buns and stash them under the bathroom sink. My new cat Izzy like to do similar things, she steals money, socks, and stuffed animals

Heather said...

I am going to share the story of my old barn cat:

When we moved into our house in Michigan, the house came with a barn, and 2 barn cats that the old owners asked if it was ok if they left behind. The cats were named Scooter and Tigger, and were wonderful... but already older cats.

As the years went on, one day Scooter just disappeared... but Tigger kept on, getting older and older. The older she got, the more she resented living in the barn.

Now, she was a lovely cat, and we would have happily let her in our house (she spent all of her time up around our back door, yowling to be let in)... but when we tried, we found out every time just how much she HATES dogs (and we had 3 of them!). There was just no way she could live in our house.

We felt horrible about it, and after one long winter where we kept her in the office building (heated, well lit... but she hated it because there were never any people over there, and this kitty craved human contact) we started discussing finding her a new home... and just when we were on the verge of looking seriously... there was a faint little knock on our door.

Outside stood two little old ladies. They lived in the housing complex next door to us... and they stood on our porch shuffling their feet and looking somewhat guilty.

"Hello, excuse us!" said the one,
"I believe you have a calico cat in your barn?"

First we were worried that the cat was bothering them somehow, and when we said as much, the two women started gushing, Oh no, no no, she's such a lovely cat! What is her name? etc, etc... when that died down, the old women confessed to feeding her and letting her in their house. They had fallen in love with her, saying that she was old, just like them, and they all got along swimmingly...

but they had a conundrum.

They went to Florida for the winter.
They couldn't stand to leave Tigger behind.
They said they knew they were asking a lot of us, maybe too much... but... could they take Tigger with them?

The two little old ladies wore expressions that said clearly they expected us to say no...

so they were incredibly shocked when we got really excited and started exclaiming, "OH THAT'S PERFECT!!"

We then explained the miseries of poor Tigger over the last winter, and how their request was unbelievably perfect. The little old ladies were so happy they began crying... and I *KNOW* Tigger lived the rest of her life, curled up every evening by a warm fire, or nestled and petted in one of the women's laps.

Years later they thanked us again. Tigger had passed on... but they said they had never had such a wonderful and loving little furry companion in their home.

(The story of my two current cats can actually be found here:

My email is:

I hope you enjoyed Tigger's story! I just wish I had a picture of her to share!! (this was before the age of digital photography... so I'd have to go back to my parents house and dig around in photo albums to find one, lol!)

Heather said...

I should say, your little calico made me think of Tigger and that story :)

We also owned a Dalmation who, oddly enough, was the only dog we ever owned that WASN'T black and white. :)

I forgot to mention, this is a lovely giveaway and I can't wait to read all the responses!!!

Shara said...

We had a pet MONKEY when I was a kid. My Mom brought her home when I was six months old and we had her for 16 years. It was like I had a monkey for a sister. She was a Capuchin Weeper - like an Ogan Ginder monkey. Her name was Amanda. I have a ton of fun stories about her - once my parents were having a party and bought several cases of beer. Amanda opened every single can of them because she knew how to pop the tabs. My Dad was, so NOT happy about that one. We would let her out to sit in a tree in the yard to get some fresh air and when she was ready to come in, she would go to the door and ring the doorbell. We always lined her cage with old newspapers. One day we came home and hse had pulled the papers through the cage and torn out oall the coupons and piled them by the door for us. She watched us cut out coupons, so she did the same. Amanda was a fun girl.

I'm sorry about Magic. I have three cats and love them dearly.

Debbi said...

I was seven months pregnant with my first child when my Grandfather passed away. He was the absolutely perfect Grandpa, I loved him dearly. I found myself home alone on the love seat, sitting upright, crying my heart out into one of the loose pillows, {because of the baby tummy, I couldn't have thrown myself onto the bed} . . . after a bit, I became aware of the softest, gentlest, warmest touch on my cheek. Lifting my head, I found that our beautiful, silky, black, long haired kitten had positioned herself on the pillow in my arms, and was sweetly caressing my face with her paw! And looking down . . . our Dalmatian puppy had positioned herself as close as she could . . . on top of my feet, head in my lap . . . and was gazing up at me with the kindest, saddest eyes I think I had ever seen.

I didn't want this to be a sad story, rather I want to convey their sweet comforting . . the way that I remember it . . . I don't believe I ever think of those two without remembering the time that they hurt and cared for me. . . ."Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted" . . . I suppose, somehow . . . I just did not expect that the comfort, in this form, would have come from my precious pets.

AmyB said...

Crystal, Thanks so much for sharing about Magic, Sophie and Paige. I do believe in fate.

My story is about my family's adopted rabbit named Madrid, a beautiful, big, French Lop Eared buck who kept showing up at our house. As he regularly took chances with the road, we caged him and put up FOUND signs. Noone responded. Madrid didn't stay caged for very long.... he could chew through even heavy guage wire. We would see him out on the highway a couple of miles from home, then he would turn up again within a day.

He was an amorous fellow who regularly made advances on our cats, AND HE WOULD TAKE A RUNNING LEAP WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN AND TAKE BITES OUT OF LOW HANGING APPLES FROM OUR APPLE TREE. That was quite a site. After about four years he made is final cage escape and never returned. I still laugh when I picture him leaping up to the apple tree and spying him on his travels far from home!

- Amy Bauer

Patty said...

one day buddy followed levi home. they instantly loved each other. and even though levi wanted to keep buddy i knew we had to find who he lived with and take him back.
he lived with a very nice lady, but every day every time she opened her door buddy would run out and come back to find levi. then after playing together for awhile levi would take him back.

the nice lady finally realized that buddy had chosen levi and was not happy unless he was with him.
she asked levi is he would like to
have buddy for his own. and that is the the story of how levi came to have a cat.

Barbara said...

Well, there was my cat growing up who was very ill-tempered and behaved only when he was bribed with green olives. And my current cat, Patch, who vanished for 9 days. When I finally gave up hope and went out to sit on the deck and cry, she came sneaking out from underneath and meowed like, "Oh, looking for me?" Finally (because I could do this all day) there's Polly, my other current cat, who also went missing. We heard her meowing behind a wall and had to tear the wallboard off to get her. But pulling her out, covered with cobwebs, and having my kids cheer made it all worthwhile. Hope you are enjoying your lovely new kitties. And thanks for the giveaway and for letting me blather on endlessly!

natalea said...

my favorite pet was my cat Winkley who I found at the pet store. she had only one eye and the reason i had to have her was her fiesty attitutde. she was the only cat hissing at the passing-by dogs, and here she was the smallest and most patheticly cute with her one eye!
xoxo natalea

darryl moland said...

This portrait of Luci here: was lovingly painted and given to me by Odette Colón, my dear friend (and talented co-worker) this past Christmas. When I received this incredible gift from the heart, I shed big blubbering tears of joy and grief at the same time. Looking at it prepares me for the inevitable loss of a life, and it will give me the strength to carry on after Luci is gone. I like to think all the good energy put into this painting has translated to her living longer than expected. Even so, I'm glad to have her already immortalized for the prosperity of life to continue. Already in addition to my Bengal Abella, I've added a lovable tuxedo cat that found me much like Luci did 16 years ago, coming into my life suddenly and without without warning. I think Luci somehow called for the new little one to help me in this transition. That's how magical Luci's existence has always been. I had to make the decision to let Luci go this past March, but she will forever be a big part of my heart.

Mutz said...

I wass so sorry to hear about Magic. My dalmation Lady was put to rest almost 26 years ago & I still look for her under the desk when I go home to Mom's house.

jone hallmark said...

Many stories to pull from, but from the present menagerie, Miss Pearl is the "attack cat" who kills shoes.
Each night. she waits for us to turn out the lights and then we hear the sound - the distinct battle cry - and occasionally the "drag and drop" of the victim (if it is a BIG one)
In the morning, we awake to shoes strewn all over the kitchen. It is hilarious. She finds them where they usually live and drags them from their "hiding places"
She is relentless and predictable and gives us such great pleasure!

jone hallmark said...

oops! forgot to leave my email:


vivian said...

hi Crystal. I always wanted to raise baby cows and then give them back when they got too big! Ive had a ton of pets, mostly cats. My kitty story happened very recently. I have two siamese kitties that I let mate (not that I had any say in the matter lol!) Anyways she got pregnant and when it was time to deliver I thought I should separate the father from her, so there wouldnt be any problems. However, they are a true pair. He stood on the other side of the door yowling somewhat hysterically and she did the same while delivering a kitten at the door instead of in her box, because she wouldnt stay in the box once I put the father out! So.. I let the papa in, she got back in the box, and he cleaned the kitten she had delivered on the floor.. then he cleaned her.. and ate the placenta! She proceded to deliver 6 more kittens and the papa kitty, chewed umbilical cords, cleaned kittens, cleaned her, and ate the placenta of each one! After all was said and done, I had to get a bigger box, because he insisted on lying in the box with mama and the 7 babies! I have lots of pictures of them on my blog if you want to look through a bit!
I enjoyed reading all of the other comments too!
have a great night!\

miss lynn said...

okay. you asked! lewis is my HUSBAND's cat. i have a nice cat. he has lewis. well, lewis snuck out one nite...and was missing for 2 weeks. during this horrible ordeal, my sweet lover thought he would look for him in the middle of nite. it just so happened there was a rapist on the loose in our city and as my-broken-hearted-over -losing-his-cat-husband was driving up and down dark alleys looking for his cat, he was swarmed - i use this word because it sounds really dramatic - by police and asked to give a dna sample.
all thanks to lewis, WHO, BY THE WAY, WAS STUCK IN A BASEMENT RIGHT NEXT DOOR! yes, he was rescued and returned to our little home.
i totally hope i win!!!!!!!!

noricum said...

The dog is so adorable! (I'd like to try making a spun cotton ornament/figure... do you know of any online instructions?)

I haven't had many pets, due to allergies. One winter I went cross country skiing with my dad, and managed to catch a field mouse. I begged my dad, and he let me take it home. The next day while I was at school, my mom said the mouse was acting funny, and so let him go outside. I cried and cried, and finally, to get me to cheer up, my mom said I could get a gerbil. In order for mine to not be lonely, we got one for my brother as well. My gerbil was called Cinnamon Squeaky Gerbil, and my brother's was Blacky.

We always went away for the summers, and so we asked our neighbour to look after our gerbils while we were gone. It turns out that neighbour wasn't terribly reliable about feeding the gerbils... and we returned to find one and a *half* gerbils. My brother was devastated, as it was Blackie who died, and his tomato plant had also died. We had a small funeral and burial for both. My gerbil lived another year or so after that. (Gerbils aren't very long lived.)

Note: I don't have my e-mail address set to private, so you should be able to see it when the comment gets e-mailed to you. It's also on my profile.

AquaMarine Queen said...

I am an animal lover and am really enjoying reading the pet stories. Such a nice idea!

I wrote out this story last week, but got a little choked up before I posted it. Delilah was my heart dog. She passed suddenly last summer and I still have trouble talking about her. There were many silly and endearing things about her, but my favorite memory was her with her "babies."

She loved to get a new stuffed animal and methodically tear a little seam from where the toy was stitched. She'd pull all the stuffing with her teeth, so it looked like it snowed a good 4 inches in a circle around her. She'd then go in and carefully pull out the squeaker.

THAT was the prize. She'd parade all around the house with the new squeaker hidden in her mouth, pushing on it with her tongue to make the squeak for everyone to hear. She'd put the squeakers into her toy basket for safekeeping and often pull one out. We'd be going about out business and Delilah would breathe or sigh and that squeaker she was holding would make a soft note. We thought she considered them her babies because she was so gentle and enjoyed carrying them.

As I write this, my house rabbit, Sugar Baby, is sitting beside me by the back door. She suns herself every afternoon, like a cat. She's all meditative with her eyes half closed into little slits. She's such a sweetie.

Mary B. in Texas said...

We had our cat Bucky for 17 years. We paid a dollar for him at a pet shop, thus the name Bucky.

When my daughter got married she had all of her bridesmaids spend that "last" night at our house. That afternoon before the Rehearsal Dinner there were a lot of people in our home - men and women, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Well, as we were all in the den visiting about the wedding, Bucky came down the stairs and into the middle of the den floor dragging . . . one of the bridesmaid's colorful bras. He then dropped it on the floor, to everyone's delight, and rested on top of part of it so he could be in the middle of all the activity. No one wanted to claim it, but at last the lovely owner reclaimed her bra in front of all the hysterical guests! She carried it back upstairs with an excited Bucky fast at her heels. (He thought it was a new game.) We will never forget Bucky's part in the celebration of our daughter's wedding.

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