Monday, December 6, 2010

Mini Etsy Update!

After a very busy weekend and two very busy shows...I'm finally back home and ready to post a few goodies in my Etsy shop for anyone who was hoping to snag something special for the holidays. My table went from chock full to sparse pretty quickly (thank you so much to all of those who came to one of the shows!! It was so great to see/meet you!), but some of my favorite pieces are still available, including Santa sitting in a white textured snowball wreath (above) and Miss. Pine Tree (below). If you'd like to claim any of these characters before I put them up on Etsy, just send me an email to and I'll send you the price and availability. They are all one of a kind and it's first come first served. :)

In the photo above, a little gal sits on a vintage glass ball, my favorite Santa of the season (I's hard to decide) and a sweet cat girl who holds a vintage shopping bag filled with toys!

These are all jumbo sized Santas...I only make a few of them each year and these are the last three. The first one is fully trimmed in antique metal tinsel and holds a giant silver present. The second green Santa has arms full of all kinds of goodies, including my prized vintage spun head on a stick. And glittery gold Santa holds a string of bells and stands on an old noise maker...shake it and it still makes noise!

A whistling snowman and Miss. Pine Tree, who stands on a vintage plaster and glittered pine cone.

Two fancy mermaids.

My last Hunukkah girl holding a driedel and a talented juggler that can be displayed all year round!

Stay tuned for photos from this weekend...I took more than I usually do and can't wait to show you all the great stuff I saw!


Into Vintage said...

Looking forward to hearing about your experience at the MS Show! Sad I couldn't go but too far of a drive from Oregon. :-)

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

It was great to see you this weekend at Biz Baz and as always your creations