Saturday, October 29, 2011

Old old old Halloween!

My sister found these old photos of all of us dressed up and ready to scare! I think I won a prize at the mall for this costume... And I remember that red corduroy skirt being too small and really tight, but they were the only red bottoms I had. I still have those horns and where them almost every Halloween just for fun. Ben wore them when he was a suave devil our first Halloween together! I put red face paint in his ears and I'm still not sure if he's forgiven me! Ah memories!

My dad is a natural when it comes to playing anything that comes from the woods, be it bear, wolf, or werewolf.

My mom didn't dress up that year...hehe. Just kidding Mom!

My brother was obsessed with the terminator and recreated this costume many times later throughout the year and years to come, be it Halloween or not. He mostly used to convince my sister that he was a real cyborg. And no one was allowed to touch his mechanical hand.

And my poor little sister had to live with all of those scary creatures! Luckily she survived. :) Ahhh the 90's....or was it the 80's still?

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AquaMarine Queen said...

So fun ... this explains so much! Have you ever made your devil vampire self in cotton?