Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooky Entryway...

I love the feeling of fall...the leaves falling, the wind blowing, the apples red and ready for the picking and Halloween!! Over the last few years my Halloween decor collection as grown quite a bit. I think I had only two or three things five years ago! But with some crafting, some treasure hunting, and the handiwork of others, the mantel in my front entry way was brimming with black and orange!

Ideally I would have liked to have spread my decorations around the house a bit more, but everything is still finding it's place and most of the rooms are still in transition...not a great environment for decorating (I suspect by the time the Christmas decorations come out...there'll be lots of places to put things). Soooo...I pretty much took most of my Halloween goodies and piled them onto the mantel!

I made empty party crackers and surprise balls a couple of years ago. There's no haunting mystery about what's inside vs the guilt of opening them and ruining the handiwork. Although the brightly colored crackers are vintage and have something mysterious hidden inside!

A vintage noise maker, mini blow mold pumpkin, funny paper mache gourd guy and some handmade pieces...

The gourd guys I made out of dried gourds are some of my favorite characters.

The witches are flying again this too. This time you can see them as soon as you walk in the house!

This antique black rocker was a wedding gift from my Aunt Kate and it actually goes quite well with Halloween.

The fireplace in the kitchen has a little stack of blow mold jacks.

The living room holds my vintage "Witchy Board". My superstitious friend wasn't too thrilled that I had it. I'll have to hide it when she comes over again...hehe.

On the second tier of the mantel the vintage crepe witches line up with their black cat and 10 cent honeycomb pumpkins.

I love decorating for Halloween!


Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i love your decorations! i dont' have tons of halloween either so my decorating is concentrated on my mantle and my china cabinet. I need to find more cute spooky things!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Spooooooky. Looks awesome an isn't it fun to have a new house to try out new displays...Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

i am LOVING your colleciton of all hallow's eve decorations together! looks like a shop i want to shop in!!!

Lisa W. said...

All your halloween stuff looks perfect in your great new house !

Barbara said...

It's fabulous, Crystal, especially in your new house!