Friday, January 20, 2012

Mom and Me Snow Ball People Collaboration

A couple of times a year, my mom and I get together and combine our work into one. Last year we did some fabulous Easter pieces and this season we did an amazing series of Snowball people. As usual, she sculpted and I decorated.

Mom can't resist using moms and babies in her work. The mom and baby piece is really something...The way the baby is clinging to her back and the way she is reaching her snow arms back to hold him/her. And the faces are great!! I added 100% wool felt hats (hand sewn, I'm so proud!) and a scarf for mom and a cape for baby.

This cute snowball was originally made as prototype for Dept. 56 before they restructured. The face is so detailed...I added the white holly leaves and mica. It looks lovely hanging in my window and matches the outdoor scenery!

I just listed Little "Jamie" the snowball and Snow Mom and Snow Baby in my Etsy shop. Also feel free to just email me if you'd like to purchase one or both. :)

This funny little pair really gave everyone a good chuckle. I hope she makes a pair like this again! Could you imagine, snowchildren having a snowball fight! They found a home at the SOWA show last month and I just barely got a photo of them before they took off.

Same with this baby and her newborn...complete with acorn cap. So sweet!!

Mom and I are hoping to do another Easter collaboration within the next few months....stay tuned for that! :)


magikalseasons said...

Wow you are both so talented! These snow peeps are amazing and their expressions are magical! :)

Your Craft Book said...

Hello Crystal, Your mother creates beautiful things and your collaborations together are fabulous.

I just wnated to let you know that you are my new featured artist on my blog. Your creations are whimsical and I love the ones that I am lucky enough to own, enjoy, Maureen.